This Back Pack Folding Beach Chair is Perfect for Relaxing on the Sand

I've always thought a folding beach chair was the ultimate in portable leisure.

And over the years, visiting Jekyll Island and taking our boys to soccer, baseball, and tennis matches across the state, we've gone through a lot of them. Most were cheap lawn chairs picked up at the local Walmart or grocery store, and they didn't last long under the constant use.

Aluminum framework tended to oxidize in salt water environments. Vinyl webbing deteriorated from exposure to sun, sweat and weather.

Don't you just hate it when you sit down in an old, worn-out beach chair and the bottom falls out? Kind of embarrassing (but gets a good laugh from the kids).

Nowadays, I use a wooden folding beach chair similar to the Back Pack chair shown here.

Back Pack Folding Chair Fabric Color: Navy Blue

Why? Comfort, for one. The chair I use, like the Back Pack chair shown, is solidly built, and sits well. It's easy on my back and bottom. So far it's stood up to my (ahem) stout frame without the seat or back fabric giving up the ghost.

Lounge in Style in This Folding Beach Chair

And it's stylish. It has an oiled ashwood frame with good, balanced lines that lend the chair an artistic flair. My old chair has green fabric; the Back Pack chair comes in green and navy blue.

Peripheral usefulness is where the Back Pack chair outstrips my old wooden chair. If you're partial to the comforts of life, you can load this folding beach chair with cold drinks, books, snacks, and a whole lot more. It comes with a backpack compartment that has as much space as a small day pack. Cool up a six pack of Cokes in the separate insulated pocket. Small items, like paperbacks, sunglasses, and keys fit well in the mesh pockets.

And the backpack straps will let you carry your folding beach chair and all your gear comfortably down to the beach.


There are a few design changes I'd consider if I was the designer. First, the back back straps seem wide enough, but look as if they could use a bit more padding. Probably not a problem walking a short distance to the beach or from your car to the soccer field, but could turn into one if you were hiking to a camping spot some distance away.

Also, like my more utilitarian chair, the Back Pack chair has no cup holders. I usually put my drink on the ground anyway, and this chair is low enough to do so in comfort, but lots of folks like the convenience of a built-in place to put their drinks. The chair has wide armrests and a Coke can should sit there fine, but a water bottle may tip.

What do you get when you purchase this chair?

  • a solid ash hardwood frame cobbled together with stainless steel fittings
  • Polyester upholstery for maximum sit-ability
  • an insulated pocket to hold cold drinks
  • a large and deep cargo pocket
  • 2 mesh item pockets
  • 4-position adjustable recline
  • AND it was made in USA!

Know a beach you want to sit on in comfort? Get your own Back Pack chair NOW, before your next Jekyll Island Family Adventure!

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