Jekyll Island's IGA Supermarket - Coastal Seafood & Much More

The IGA Supermarket has been on Jekyll Island as long as I can remember, tucked away in the former Beachview Shopping Center.

Martha are prone to taking everything but the kitchen sink with us when we visit Jekyll, but sometimes forget some staple, like cereal. IGA is the perfect place to pick up something forgotten - but it can be pricy.

Why do we shop there? Well, because it's handy, for one. Once we hit the island, it takes a lot to get us to leave. If we plan a day-trip to another local like St. Simons island, we might stop at an off-island grocery store and pick up a few things. It is cheaper to buy groceries off-island.

But we're lazy that way. Jekyll Island shopping is fine for us, and we don't mind spending a bit more to just not have to go off-island for stuff, and then have to pay another $6.00 parking fee to get back on.

And don't forget to factor in the cost of gas. And the aggravation factor, especially if you have a bunch of little ones trailing along with you.

IGA Supermarket is Fine By Me

Besides, I've always kind of liked the ambiance of the IGA. That first trip to IGA is part of our Jekyll Island family rituals, I guess. Walking in the store, taking in the sight and scent of the place - sounds weird, but, hey, it's as much a part of our Jekyll Island experience as hitting Club Cafe for a Big Cookie, or feeding the island squirrels.

IGA Supermarket Has Moved

Our IGA is, of course, no longer in the Beachview Shopping Center. The Beachview no long exists. It was demolished as part of the Jekyll Island revitalization project.

IGA elected to move to temporary quarters on the island, at the Island Shops location. If you drive north on Beachview after entering the island, you'll find the temporary shops on the right, just before the new Holiday Inn hotel.

The temporary shops are located in commercial grade trailer-type buildings, with wooden decks at their entrances. They actually look pretty good. Most have container plantings of one kind or another close by, to add a little color. From the deck of IGA, you have a perfect view of the Atlantic Ocean.

I believe plans are that once Jekyll Island's revitalization is finished and the Village Center is built, IGA, along with the other shops in the temporary quarters, will move into retail space in the Village Center, which will be approximately near to where the defunct Beachview Shopping Center was located, close to the new Convention Center. But plans change, so check subscribe to our Turtle Gram blog to get the latest info.

Martha & I visited the new IGA Supermarket the last time we were on Jekyll Island, and it was almost like the old one, only smaller. They had to give up some space to fit into their temporary quarters. Still, we got all our staples - cereal, milk, bread, condiments, etc.

IGA also sells fresh coastal seafood and other Southern food, along with

  • fudge candy
  • rotesserie chicken
  • fresh meats
  • ice cream
  • cookies and crackers
  • books
  • beach toys and towels
  • fruits
  • and more!

They used to carry video rentals, but discontinued them just before the move. DVD's are something you might want to bring with you.

The IGA Supermarket is staffed by some great people who've always been helpful and nice, even when we've had cantankerous kids with us. They've always gone out of the way to help us find things we couldn't locate ourselves.

So why venture off-island for your groceries, when your own neighborhood IGA is right there, within easy driving (or walking. Or biking) distance?

Next time you're on the island, check out OUR IGA. We're glad it's going to be around for years to come.

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