Curl Up with These Fine Jekyll Island Books

What's a vacation without time-out for reading?

These Jekyll Island books will introduce you to the island, its history and ecology. Bone up on island lore, nature, the beach environment, and more.

And here's one of those disclaimer thingies. I haven't read all of these Jekyll Island books, and these tidbits aren't my official reviews. Just thought you might like to try them out.

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Death on a Golden Isle

by John Reisinger

If you like mysteries, you'll love John Reisinger's Death on a Golden Isle. Set on Jekyll Island during the Roaring 20's, the book features amateur detective Max "Sherlock" Hurlock and his wife Allison as they race against the clock to solve the poisoned-coffee murder of one of the millionaire members of the famed Jekyll Island Club.

Was the victim's young wife involved in the murder? What's the significance of that second cup of java found next to the corpse? And why was the victim's last word "cocoa"?

You'll have to read the book to find out!

Death on a Golden Isle is the first in the Max Hurlock Roaring Twenties Mysteries series, (all based on real-life crimes), and one of the most entertaining Jekyll Island books we've seen lately. The second in the series, Death of a Flapper, is due out soon.

Delve into the devious mind of John Reisinger.

For a sample taste - not coffee! - check out the Death on a Golden Isle book trailer.

Splendid Isolation: The Jekyll Island Millionaires Club 1888-1942

by Pamela Bauer Mueller

Splendid Isolation weaves a spell centered around the Jekyll Island of the late 1800's and early 1900's. You could call it "faction", a historical novel told from the perspective of the Jekyll Island Club employees, and how they perceived their employers - men like Rockefeller, Goodyear, Pulitzer and Morgan, who met on Jekyll Island every year for some down time from their empires.

Their actions while on the island were instrumental in creating history - notably the Federal Reserve.

A great read that will open your eyes to how actions from the past impact the future.

One of the best Jekyll Island books on the list.

Look for our upcoming interview with Pamela Bauer Mueller!

The Creature from Jekyll Island: A Second Look at the Federal Reserve

by G. Edward Griffin

Not your normal monster book, but scary none-the-less. It's the definitive book about money, how the Federal Reserve was created, and how American citizens are being scammed out of their hard-earned cash by fat-cat bankers and politicians.

The Jekyl Island Club

by Brent Monahan

If your tastes run to mystery fiction, you'll love Brent Monahan's period who-dun-it, The Jekyl Island Club.

Brunswick Sheriff John Le Brun is called in to investigate the apparent murder of club member Erastus Springer, and in the course of investigating the crime, butts heads with some of richest and most powerful men in America. As the body count mounts, Le Brun must ferret out the killer before the arrival of President McKinley for a crucial meeting.

A good book to read while your lounging on the veranda of the Jekyll Island Club Hotel, sipping a martini.

Deja vu, anyone?

Hidden Georgia: Including Atlanta, Savannah, Jekyll Island, and the Okefenokee

by Marty Olmstead

A Georgia travelogue, Hidden Georgia takes you to Georgia's interesting out-of-the-way places, including Jekyll Island. Olmstead gives his opinions on area restaurants, B & 's, and hotels.

A great resource are the many maps focusing on the areas spotlighted.

by June Hall McCash

Jekyll Island history, from pre-history to the 18th century. McCash introduces us to the Timucua Indians, English colonists and the powerful families who once made Jekyll their home. A great read for anyone interested in Georgia and Jekyll Island history.

Remember Jekyll Island

by Babs McDonald

Recently, Jekyll Island has been caught up in controversy. The "Big Question" - what scale of development (physical and economic) should Jekyll Island support?

Many believe the Island's caretakers (the Jekyll Island Authority) was exceeding it's authority and abusing it's regulatory power by making deals with big-money corporate developers to make Jekyll into another St. Simons - a resort where, contrary to mandate, the average Georgian could no longer afford to stay.

What may be one of the most important recent Jekyll Island books, Remember Jekyll Island is Ms. McDonald's heart-felt account of the battle to protect Jekyll Island from greedy politicians and developers, and keep it an unspoiled refuge for the people.

by Erik Calonius

Did you know that the slave trade was outlawed in the United States in 1808? But that a black market for slaves existed for years afterward.

Pro-slavery radicals, plantation owners, northern businessmen and crooked politicians reaped riches at the expense of their fellow human beings.

The Wanderer: The Last American Slave Ship and the Conspiracy That Set Its Sails tells the story of the last ship to carry slaves to American shores - unloading it's cargo of 400 Africans on Jekyll Island.

Learn about the greedy men who concocted the illegal scheme, the agonizing journey of the captured slaves, and the righteous few who brought the culprits to justice.

by Virginia Wright-Frierson

Through text, photographs, watercolors, and pencil sketches, Wright-Frierson introduces kids to the beauty and wonder of a barrier island.

With her young daughter, she explores the dunes, maritimeforests and in-shore environments that make up the barrier island ecosystem. For children K through grade 3 or thereabouts.

by David Pelham

If you're interested in flying kites with your kids on Jekyll Island, this is the book for you. Kites covers a lot of ground, from learning about the many varieties of kites, to learning to fly them, and even includes plans for constructing your favorite kites.

Sit Back and Relax With Great Jekyll Island Books

This year, when planning your Jekyll Island Family Adventure, why not bone up on your destination with a few well-chosen Jekyll Island books?

Whether bound for the beach or ensconced in a plush chair on the Jekyll Island Club veranda, make sure you pack your favorite beach reads.

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