Ready for Your Jekyll Island Adventure? Step Inside!

Jekyll Island - Paradise Found!

Yarrr, Jekyll Islanders!

Got the workaday blues? Ever had fantasies of living a millionaire's life on your own island paradise? Yearning for the warm caress of summer sun on your skin, the feel of beach sand between your toes, and great-tasting sea food, prepared by top chefs, in your belly?

And all this - on a miser's budget?

If so, there's a remedy. Or a reward, however you pirates want to party! Now you can discover your inner millionaire with opportunities for family fun and adventure at Jekyll Island, Georgia, former playground of the monied moguls of the Gilded Age!

Jekyll Island - An Island Paradise for Budget Minded Families

My family returns to the island year after year, and we're nowhere near millionaire status. Still, we think of Jekyll as "our" island. We’ve made friends with some of the fine folks who live and work here, and who always welcome us back with a smile and a kind word.

I started Jekyll Island Family Adventures to further pursue two of my passions – writing, and Jekyll. And now there’s a third – sharing my family’s passion for this magical land with yours.

If you like family-oriented adventure, this 5,700 acre barrier island off Georgia’s coast has everything you’d want for a family fun vacation, from golf to gators, marsh to millionaires. I’ll whet your appetite with stories about them all – and more. You’ll learn –

• Where to take your kids to cool off on a hot summer day

• How to meet a real live sea turtle

• Where are the best beaches on the island

• Where to go for tennis, golf, hiking and biking – even soccer

• The best family-friendly hotels

• Where to get the best sea food – and when

• Secrets of the Millionaire's Village

• Perfect off-island day trips

• All the great places to stay, from hotels to villas to campgrounds

• Where to experience foot-stomping bluegrass and country rock music

• All about the wildlife and history of the island

• The best places for watching birds

• All the hot fishing spots, and the best guides to get you there

• Where to shop, play and stay

• Where the treasure is buried (just kidding – or am I?)

• Weird and spooky facts about the island

• Hunt for prehistoric treasures on Shark’s Tooth Beach

So bring the youngsters for a vacation filled with fun and adventure. But be careful - this place could get under your skin. Come back too often, and you’ll develop an itch. And the only cure, it seems, is to come back for more.

Are you ready for a memorable family experience? Then pack your bags, grab the kids, and take one giant step into - Adventure!

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Ready for adventure? Then hit the beach and jump right in!