The Folks Behind the Curtain

Well, Where to Start?

We're a family of four (Rick, Martha, Josh and Scott) who love Jekyll Island and have been going there for family vacations for over 30 years.

I'm Rick, the writer of the family, and it's my wish to share our island home-away-from-home with you through the medium of the internet and this site, Jekyll Island Family Adventures.

Jekyll Island is a great place to visit for families looking for fun, affordable vacation adventures. I always tell folks Jekyll has three faces: Conservation, History, and Tourism.

You can learn about and explore each of them through the pages of Jekyll Island Family Adventures.

So set you sails for a new horizon, and come explore Jekyll Island with us!

My Promise to You

Plantation OakDwarfed by the Plantation Oak

I'm a story teller, and love to share our tales of the island with others. As a young couple with kids, and me still in school, more often then not our purse strings were drawn rather tight. Usually when we had two pennies to rub together, they would go towards food, kids' clothes, tuition, or some such. But whenever we did manage to save a little, we'd hit the road, rug-rats in hand, for Jekyll Island.

'Cause for money-challenged parents, it was one resort destination that was truly affordable.

If, like us in the early days, your family is on a budget, or you just want to wile away the lazy days soaking up sun on the sand to the sound of the Atlantic surf, then Jekyll Island is the place for you.

That said, here's my promise to you:

  • I will always steer you true. This site is a labor of love, and we aren't officially affiliated with Jekyll Island in any way, shape or form.
  • I don't and will never do sponsored posts or accept comped trips from businesses on Jekyll Island or within the Golden Isles area. This enables me to keep an open, unbiased mind. In other words, when I write about an experience we've had, I can "call it like I see it". Good or bad, you'll get the straight of it.

A Little About Me

I wear the pants in the family (Martha just picks them out for me, and takes care of everything else). I'm a husband, a dad, a writer, a musician, songwriter, storyteller, and hiker. Used to play a lot of tennis till my bad knees got the better of me.

I love the water and boating and now that the kids are grown, head out with Martha to Jekyll Island every chance I get.

We hope you enjoy your journey through Jekyll Island Family Adventures. And I'd love for you to let us know what you're interested in, so I can write about it in these pages. If you have an idea for content, or on how we can make Jekyll Island Family Adventures a better resource, just use the handy-dandy contact form to get in touch.

You can also follow us on our blogette, the Turtle Gram.

Other Stuff

I also write and publish fiction and non-fiction, which you can find at, my author/publishing site.

Hope to see you on the sands of Jekyll Island!


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