These Family Adventure Bicycle Tours Take You From Maritime Forest to Jekyll's Bay Side

Further adventure bicycle tours await you off the beaten path...

1)Mid-Island Forest Trail -

Take the cut-through from Ben Fortson Parkway to the Historic District. The earth trail runs through maritime forest and a few patches of marsh.

Why it's special? You'll sometimes see deer in here. And there's a pond just past a bridge over a tidal creek that's usually home to a gator or two. The trail is wooded and shady for the most part. Watch out for exposed roots - they can make for a bumpy ride.

2)Horton House to Old Plantation Road Trail -

From the Horton House ruins, ride back into the woods. The paved trail ends at the Horton House and turns into a sand trail. Turn right at the trail intersection and ride along this track.

You Might See Gators in Jekyll Island PondsYou Might See Gators in Jekyll Island Ponds, courtesy Meredith Clark

It's not a well known route, and may be overgrown with palmettos and other underbrush. In fact, it doesn't even show up on the trail map. It runs through the woods and comes out on Old Plantation Road in a quiet residential neighborhood. Old Plantation Road is not even shown on the bike map.

There's a "Bike Trail" sign where the trail comes out on Old Plantation Road, but it's half overgrown and hard to see.

Note - We stayed at the Haynes Residence on one trip to Jekyll Island. It's on Old Plantation Road, maybe the most peaceful neighborhood on Jekyll Island. It backs up to the maritime forest and the golf courses and you can see deer wandering around just about any time of the day or night. Unfortunately, the Haynes Residence is no longer being leased.

Avoid confusion! There are two Old Plantation Roads on Jekyll Island. One runs from Capt. Wiley Road to the Historic District. The other can be accessed only from Riverview Drive by riding down Jennings Road, Magee Ave., Bond Ave., Baker Road, or Potter Ave., (short streets coming off Riverview).

This is the Old Plantation Road where the trail comes out. It's a narrow, quiet residential street with no connection to the other Old Plantation Road (I think they were meant to connect at one time).

3) Shark's Tooth Beach Trail -

Shark's Tooth Beach Trail starts just past the Summer Waves Water Park off Riverview Drive. There's a gated access here to keep cars out, but you can walk your bike around the gate.

Most of this trail is grass, but some is sandy and soft, which may make biking this trail one of the more physically demanding adventure bicycle tours on the island.

You can ride about 3/4 of the way in, and then it becomes difficult access for bikes, with close-growing foliage and overhanging branches. Leave the bikes and walk the rest of the way - and hopefully find some shark's teeth!

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