Your Beach Shade Awaits - Jekyll Island's Shaded Nooks for Your Enjoyment

Beach Shade and Shaded Nooks

You've been there. Tooling along, playing hard, enjoying the warm summer sun on the beach - until suddenly that warm sun, so inviting earlier, turns into a raging inferno and cooks you to a crisp! You'd kill for some shade!

Sun burn isn't the only thing that accompanies rising temperatures and clear, hot summer days. There's heat exhaustion, heat stroke and icky, stinky, sweat.

Thank God for air conditioning.

You can still do outdoor things in the heat of summer, if you're careful. Playing outdoors is safest from early morning to about 10:00 am, and from 4:00 pm to dark.

But if you have to be outside in the heat of the day, it pays to know where to find Jekyll Island's shaded nooks.

Some of Our Favorite Shaded Nooks -

Best way to have beach shade - take it with you! Bring a beach umbrella (or three). Claim a spot on your favorite Jekyll Island beach. Set up shop. Operating from under your very own shaded oasis is a lot smarter than cooking under the sun's rays.

Umbrella Beach Shade (courtesy Joe Shlabotnik)

Oh, and bring a cooler of your favorite ice cold beverages.

One of our favorite relaxation spots is the veranda at the Jekyll Island Club Hotel. We like to eat lunch at the Pantry Cafe, then lay back in one of their comfortable deck chairs, in the blessed shade, and enjoy the cool breezes drifting through the area.

Their courtyard is nice, too. It's shaded by mature Crape Myrtles and further cooled by a the sound of falling water from a tinkling central fountain.

Sans Succi has a nice covered porch, perfect for lazing away the dog days of summer. And the old Infirmary has a wrap-around porch and comfortable chairs.

Other nice, shady nooks -

  • just about anywhere in the Historic District. Spread out on a quilt on the grass and enjoy the shade under massive live oaks, Georgia's state tree.
Shade Under the Live OaksShade Under the Live Oaks, courtesy Meredith Clark

  • The Wharf has a covered deck that gives some good shade, but it can still get hot on that deck in the late afternoon, when the sun is setting.
  • any of the picnic areas (South Dunes; St. Andrews; Clam Creek). They all have nice, mature live oaks. And South Dunes has 2 covered picnic shelters.

Veranda at Great Dunes Park Offers Some Fine Beach ShadeFind Fine Beach Shade at the Great Dunes Park Veranda

There are other shaded nooks and crannies on the island, including beach shade under the veranda at Great Dunes Park. Part of the fun is seeking them out.

Just make note of any you see, 'cause when the summer sun rears it's searing head, you'll be needing them.

Stay cool, and enjoy your Jekyll Island Family Adventures!

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