The Best Bicycle Riding on Jekyll Island Includes Touring the Historic District

Tranquil bicycle riding within the heart of Jekyll Island - the Historic District. Wonderfully relaxing fun on a tandem bike or cruiser, riding alone, with your spouse, kids or friends. There's much to see and do, so take your time and enjoy the experience.

Bicycle adventures don't have to be strenuous. This may be my favorite "lazy" ride. There's really no formal route through here. Just get on your bike and explore. You're on Jekyll Island time for sure within the shaded peace of the Historic District.

What's the key to getting the most from the Historic District? Poke into every nook and cranny you can find. The delight is in the details! Go slow - stay lazy.

Broad Sidewalks in Historic DistrictBroad Sidewalks for Bicycle Riding in Historic District

There's no way to see everything in one trip, so don't stress out by trying to pack it all into one visit.

Your bikes give you ingress into places you can't get to in a car. You'll wind around shaded lanes under the spreading limbs of live oaks festooned with Spanish moss and Resurrection ferns. Everywhere you'll encounter the restored cottages of the millionaires that made Jekyll Island their second home in the early 1900's. Some of these cottages are shops or restaurants now, renovated in all their splendor, complete with beautiful gardens and working fountains. Others are currently under renovation, or have been left in their ruined state. The Jekyll Island Club Hotel is here also. Don't miss the chance to explore its grounds.

Crow on the Jekyll Island Club Hotel VerandaCrow on the Jekyll Island Club Hotel Veranda

One must stop: the Pantry (formerly Club Cafe), a deli located on the veranda of the Jekyll Island Club. Great food - and you can sit in the shade and rest while you eat it.

Just watch out for the birds - and Hungry Jack, an obviously out-going, seemingly under-fed and obviously ravenous squirrel who will want to eat out of your plate whether you want him to or not!

When you leave the Pantry, ride over to the Wharf Marina. Stop by the Wharf Restaurant for a mess of oysters on the half-shell and a cool drink and watch the ships go by on the Intra-coastal Waterway.

Continue your bicycle riding along the waterway, and further into the Historic District. If you're like me, you can easily spend a day here, lazily exploring.

Marsh as Seen from the Historic DistrictMarsh as Seen from the Historic District

Photo Credits:

  1. Live Oaks courtesy Josh Hallett (Flickr)
  2. Pantry Crow by Rick Freeland
  3. Intra-coastal Waterway Through Live Oaks by Rick Freeland

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