For Bicycle Trekking Families, the North Loop is a Worthwhile Challenge

Bicycle trekking the North Loop? Come prepared. This is the longest continuous trail segment on Jekyll Island, right at 8.5 miles. Make sure you have water, snacks and sun block, especially for the kiddies.

Riding along Riverview Drive, you'll have the Intra-coastal Waterway on your left for part of the way.

The bike trail winds along, paralleling Riverview beside the marsh. There are several small bridges crossing creeks feeding into the marsh. Stop here for short rests - sometimes you can see raccoons at the marsh edge, foraging for food, as well as wading birds like blue herons or egrets.

Back on the bike, you'll pass the Jekyll Island Airport, and a group of marsh-view residences before arriving at the ruins of the old brewery. Further down, stop at the DuBignon Cemetery and the ruins of the Horton House.

Just past the Horton House is the Jekyll Island Campground. You can visit their campground store for a cold Coke and a snack. From the campground, turn into the road leading to the Clam Creek picnic area. At the end you'll see the Jekyll Island fishing pier. Leave your bike at a picnic table and walk out on the pier to see who's catching what.

The bike path continues past the pier, crosses a creek via a wooden bridge, and heads out across the marsh - another favorite route for our bicycle trekking adventures. Nine times out of ten you'll see birds here - wood storks, herons, or song birds. Sometimes even a wily raccoon or a curious deer.

At the end of the marsh trail, turn left to visit Driftwood Beach. One of Georgia's most unique beaches, Driftwood Beach is a favorite for photographers and wedding parties due to the visual splendor of the driftwood trees here, which lend a sculptural aspect to the beach.

NOTE: You can ride your bikes on Driftwood Beach and other beaches, but if you rent bikes, make sure they're allowed on the sand. If you ride your own, wash it thoroughly with fresh water after riding on the beach to avoid salt corrosion.

From Driftwood Beach, continue your ride up Beachview, past the Villas by the Sea resort and The Cottages at Jekyll Island. There are several side roads branching off Beachview. Ride down some of these and check out some of the oceanfront homes.

This leg along Beachview is the hardest slog on Jekyll. Why? If you're heading north to south, you're usually pedaling into a stiff breeze as well battling a slight rise in elevation.Take plenty of water, and make sure little ones get lots of rest time.

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