Jekyll Island Bigfoot Sightings - It's Sasquatch on Island Time!

Is Bigfoot real? Bigfoot sightings continue to occur across the country (and the world, where the Bigfoot myth includes names such as Sasquatch, Yeti and Abominable Snowman).

It seems like every time you turn around, there's a Bigfoot search going on somewhere in the world. Bigfoot stories abound, and many (mostly) reputable folks have claimed to have seen the man-ape, missing link we know as Bigfoot. Reports of Bigfoot sightings in the Southeast are rare, but they do happen.

And have happened in the past. And so the legend of Bigfoot grows.

One such Bigfoot sighting occurred on Jekyll Island in 1963. Two boys claim to have seen Sasquatch. Bigfoot may have been vacationing on Jekyll Island in the '60's!

Maybe he showed at Woodstock, too.

I've never experienced any Bigfoot sightings. But who am I to judge? And who knows? The legend of Bigfoot may be true.

Is Bigfoot real? The website cited below lists pages of Bigfoot evidence. You'll have to make up your own mind.

Whatever the truth behind the Bigfoot myth, however, Bigfoot mysteries will continue to intrigue us for years to come - or until somebody brings one home to visit!

What do you think?

Bigfoot Vacations on Jekyll Island -

As strange facts go, this is one of the strangest.

In July of 1963 a young man of 17 years saw something he'd never forget. He was vacationing with his parents and brother (who was 10 at the time) on Jekyll Island. They were tooling around the island in the family car, just fooling around as a teenager who'd just got his driver's license will, exploring the island as an excuse to just drive.

It was the 4th of July, and they were supposed to rendezvous with their parents to watch fireworks on Jekyll's north beach.

They'd ventured off the loop road onto one of the dirt roads (maybe the one behind the Horton House). In 1963 Jekyll Island had hardly seen the developer's bulldozers, and was pretty much deserted.

Coming around a turn the boys saw a strange sight - a "creature" stepped from the woods and started to cross the road. When the car lights washed over it, the animal stopped, and looked towards them. The boy stated that the thing was around 5 to 6 feet tall, and covered with longish (3" to 4") gray hair over its entire body. Its arms were much longer than a man's.

It crossed the road, walking easily, and glanced once at the kids in the car. The teen noted its eyes glowed yellow-green. Then it disappeared into the adjoining woods.

He said his family didn't believe their tale. His brother recalled being scared that night, but couldn't remember details.

Sightings of weird hairy humanoids, of course, aren't the norm on the Southeast coast. But who knows? More than likely, Sasquatch was enjoying his own Jekyll Island Family Adventure!

Source: The Bigfoot Field Researcher's Organization, "Report 8405 - Early Evening Road Crossing Sighting by Motorist on Jekyll Island".

An Afterthought -

While researching the Jekyll Island ghost stories on another page, I ran across several accounts of people who were on the north end of the island (around the Driftwood Beach area) and, while there, experienced strange, unsettling feelings.

Some felt they were being watched from the woods by something unseen. Others experienced inexplicable feelings of terror.

No one saw a thing. There were no more Bigfoot sightings on Jekyll Island (that were reported, anyway). But the above experiences make you wonder - was something out there?

And is it out there still?

'Nough said - and sleep tight tonight. There's nothing to worry about. You're on an island, not in the deep, dark woods. Bigfoot stories are just that - stories.

Was that something scratching at your hotel room door...?

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