McCormick's Grill the Perfect Breakfast Restaurant to Stoke Your Furnace for a Day of Adventure

Looking for a breakfast restaurant on Jekyll Island? If you're on a budget, and have a pack of hungry kids to feed, McCormick's Grill is the place to go.

This unassuming restaurant is located in the Jekyll Island Golf Clubhouse, just steps away from three premier 18-hole golf courses, and about 50 yards from the Jekyll Island Tennis Center. They serve breakfast and lunch seven days a week.

This is one of our favorite restaurants on the island, especially when we're "money challenged".

McCormick's Grill Breakfast RestaurantMcCormick's Grill

What do we love about McCormick's Grill?

  • This is the perfect breakfast restaurant - they serve a big, hot breakfast. It's basic country fare, but there's a lot of it, and it's good - perfect for kick-starting your daily Jekyll Island Family Adventures.
  • Big windows with views of the golf courses (and, sometimes, curious wildlife). You can relax in cool, air-conditioned comfort, eat, sip a cold drink, and laugh at the duffers teeing off on the courses (I can't laugh much - I'm in the duffer league myself).
  • They have one of the biggest and best cheeseburgers I've ever eaten on the Island
  • Very reasonable prices compared to some of the other island eateries
  • Outstanding service. The wait staff was always Johnny-on-the-spot

McCormick's Grill also has a full-service bar - perfect for a cocktail break from swinging the clubs before hitting the back nine. Happy hour starts at 4:00.

If you're there during the winter, join them for Friday Kazoo Nights, with fun live music by real bands (and kazoos in the hands of rank amateurs!).

Pig Out at Breakfast -

Ready to eat? Choose a one, two or three-egg spread, with your choice of sides. Or maybe a thick omelet.

I'm a pancake man myself. You can get up to three pancakes that really stick to your ribs. French toast is on the menu, too, if you swing that way.

Lunch Fare at Our Favorite Breakfast Restaurant -

McCormick's has a full compliment of lunch servings, including hot and cold sandwiches, appetizers (their onion rings are outstanding), salads, chili, burgers, and lunch plates (including those must-have child favorites, hot dogs and chicken fingers). Plus all the coffee and sweet tea you can drink!

One of the favorite things we like about McCormick's Grill is how close it is to the tennis center. After 3 hours of tennis, we're ready for food, air-conditioning and cold, cold ice tea - not necessarily in that order! We head for McCormick's first thing. And, bless them, they've never kicked us out for being sweaty and stinky.

After eating, encourage your digestion by taking a short stroll to the Golf Clubhouse pro shop, for golf goodies and sports wear.

McCormick's Grill is located at 322 Capt. Wylly Road. You can reach them at (912)635-4103.

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