It's Play Time! These Jekyll Island Georgia Attractions will Keep You Moving

Jekyll Island sports and recreation activities are among the many Georgia attractions created especially for active families.

Athletes both young and old will love the chance to play their favorite sports on Jekyll Island. Take a gander at what you can do:

Hit the Links -

Jekyll Island has three 18-hole courses (Pine Lakes, Indian Mound and Oleander) and one 9-hole course (Great Dunes), challenging enough to press the most skillful golfers.

Putt over to here for a round of golf at Great Dunes.

Make a perfect drive to Pine Lakes.

Avoid the sand traps and head for Indian Mound.

Make the green at Oleander.

Golfing on Great Dunes Golf Course, Jekyll IslandScott and Josh Golfing on Great Dunes Golf Course, Jekyll Island

Hit Fuzzy Yellow Balls -

Jekyll Island's Tennis Center features 13 clay courts, 7 of them lighted. Our family loves tennis, and plays here often. And clay is a great surface for folks with aching knees or who are otherwise anatomically challenged - like me! Check out Jekyll's tennis opportunities here.

Kick a Ball -

Coastal Georgia attractions include Jekyll Island's Soccer Complex. Come to watch (or participate) in tournament play, or just to kick around a ball with the family. There's plenty of room to run on this multi-field complex.

You might even recruit some of the deer that browse at the edge of the fields. Maybe a deer vs. family soccer match? Hmmmmmmm.

Hit Smaller Balls -

Jekyll Island offers 2 mini-golf courses for family fun.

Everyone beats me at this! Drat!!! (I think it takes a more delicate touch than a Cro-Magnon father figure can give it.) Well, my short game needs work anyway, and this is a good way to get some practice with the kids. (Translate - saves on golf fees).

Play the Wicked Wickets -

Drop by the Jekyll Island Club Hotel to wield a mallet on their famous Greensward while trying your hand at six-wicket croquet. It's not like Grandpa's croquet used to be!

Hit the Trails -

Jekyll Island is the perfect place to walk for fitness. With 10 miles of beach, 20 odd miles of bike paths, and nature trails through the maritime forest and the marsh ecosystem, there's no excuse to be a couch potato! Get out and move you boody on Jekyll Island's trails!

Get Wet and Go Wild -

Kids will love the Summer Waves Water Park, one of their favorite Georgia attractions. Here they can tube, catch waves in the wave pool, or zoom down the water slides. Summer Waves is a great place to find relief from the summer heat by splashing around and making a soggy mess - without risking the Wrath of Mom! Read about Summer Waves here.

Swim Like a Dolphin -

Georgia attractions must include water fun, and Jekyll Island offers lots of places for swimming, whether in a pool or in the ocean. Dog paddle over to here to check out Jekyll Island's kids swimming opportunities.

Go Fly a Kite -

Anyone ever tell you that? Well, Jekyll Island's 9 miles of beaches are perfect for kite flying. You can find out where to get your performance kite, and learn how to fly it. Get kite flying instructions here.

Get Crabby -

Crabbing is another great family activity, one that may be new to families not raised in the lowlands. Learn about the equipment needed to catch crabs, how to catch them, and how to cook them in our Guide to Jekyll Island Crabbing. Just watch out for their claws - for some reason, nobody ever told me about them...

Make Fine Feathered Friends -

Nature abounds on Jekyll Island, and birds are especially plentiful - and beautiful - Georgia attractions. From blue herons to wood storks to song birds, you'll spot all types of birds everywhere. Jekyll Island has been designated an "Important Birding Area" by the Audubon Society, and is part of the Colonial Coast Birding Trail. Great places to hook up with your feathered friends are the Welcome Center on the Jekyll Island Causeway; Clam Creek Picnic Area; and Glory Beach behind the Soccer Complex.

One of our favorite bird watching places to spot roosting birds is behind the Amphitheater. We've spent many an evening taking in the avian night-life at this spot.

Once a deer walked right up behind us - as curious as to what we were doing as we were about the birds. I could imagine it telling its deer friends, "No, I have no idea what they were, but they were tall, two-legged, and smelled like bug spray."

Picture This -

Hate to leave Jekyll Island? You can take it with you! Capture your Jekyll Island Family Adventures on film - or digital media. Our Photography Guide will ensure you get the best shots of your family adventures possible.

(Don't cut off your family's heads, as I used to - in the pictures, I mean, in the pictures - what were you thinking!).

Come Out of Your Shell -

Shelling is a favorite coastal Georgia attraction. What type shells can you find on Jekyll Island? Our Guide to Jekyll Island Seashell Hunting will show you where to find Jekyll Island shells, help you identify them, and teach you how to preserve them.

(A word of advice. Hermit Crabs really don't live very long, even if kids swear they'll take care of them forever. And they have a certain tendency to crawl under the car seat before passing on to that Great Crab Trap in the Sky).

Play In - and On - the Sand -

Grab friends and family for a great time on the beach. Play competitive and fun beach play games suitable for every family member.

Make Like Yogi -

If you like to picnic with your family, Jekyll Island has several public picnic areas, and many private nooks where you can spread a blanket, unpack a picnic basket, and chow down. Here are some of our favorite picnic spots.

(My son said I better qualify this. For all you young parents, Yogi Bear was a cartoon bear who lived in Jellystone Park and loved to steal "pic-ka-nick" baskets. Reminds me of the time I was playing paintball with my boys and some of their young friends. We were talking about some of the records I listened to in the '60's and one of Scott's friends said, "What's a record?" Kind of puts things in perspective.)

Buff Up on History -

Are you a history buff? Take your kids on a guided tour of the Jekyll Island museum to learn all about the storied history of this Georgia attraction. Pirates, plantations and millionaires, oh my!

Go Eye to Eye with the Wild Things -

Looking for a wild time? You can find one with Jekyll Island's animal population. Wildlife viewing is one of the most fun activities on the island.

Look for deer, raccoon, squirrel, and Mr. 'Gator.

And just what the heck is a "Mars" hare?

Do It All! -

Whether you're looking for the thrill and action of fast paced sports like tennis and soccer, or the more relaxing fun 18 holes of golf can give you, or just quality time with the kids, Jekyll Island's recreational opportunities are Georgia attractions that can't be beat.

So what are you waiting for? Get out and have a blast on Jekyll Island!

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