Georgia Beaches are the Perfect Getaway, and Jekyll Island Beaches are Perfection Personified!

Georgia beaches are wonderful places to spend quality time with your family. And Jekyll’s beaches are among the best. Come on out and create a little "Beach Magic" with your loved ones.

The constant dance of wind and tide and sand has created Jekyll Island’s outstanding beaches, home to ghost crabs, sand pipers and sea turtles. You and your family can also lay claim to a strip of Jekyll Island sand, if only for the span of a vacation.

The coastal plain off Jekyll Island slopes gradually, birthing small and gentle waves perfect for a child’s introduction to the ocean. Like most Georgia beaches, Jekyll Island's are wide and flat, with firm packed sand perfect for fun-seeking families. Throw a Frisbee with your kids; run with the dog; put together an impromptu family volley ball game; or just simmer in your suntan oil and reach a “low country” boil!

Georgia Beaches are the BestGeorgia Beaches, Especially Jekyll Island's, are Josh's Favorites

Feeling brave? Kite boarding will get your adrenaline flowing. Or join a guided Turtle Walk. Whatever you decide to do in the sun, Jekyll’s beaches are great places to do it.

Want to take your furry friend to the beach? Beach dogs love Jekyll Island's pet friendly beaches! Learn about the best beach for your beach dog's holiday, and what you need to know to make sure you and your canine have a memorable beach experience.

One of the most uncrowded beaches on Jekyll Island is St. Andrews Beach on the extreme southern tip of the island. Go there for the isolation, the shelling - and, if you have a drag net, the shrimping!

The beaches at Jekyll Island’s southern shoreline are perfect for exploring and play, and are often all but deserted. Martha and I love to walk here in the cool of the evenings. Keep alert – dolphins like to frolic in the surf close to the beach.

A little further north is Glory Beach , where beach scenes for the Civil War movie “Glory” were filmed. You can access Glory Beach from the boardwalk at the Soccer Complex, from St. Andrew's Picnic Area, or from South Dunes Picnic Area. It’s also a great place for spotting wildlife in the dunes (best time is right at twilight).

Check out Jekyll’s infamous sandbar, close by Central Dunes Beach. And while your at it, eat out at Tortuga Jacks - literally. Order your favorite seafood, and enjoy dining outside on their deck, overlooking the magnificent Atlantic.

Many of Jekyll Island’s hotels and beach front homes are clustered at the mid-point of the island at Central Dunes Beach. This section, along with the sandbar area, is often one of the more crowded Georgia beaches, hosting the most FSF - Folks per Sandy Foot (hey, that's a very scientific measurement). The sand here comes alive with the color and motion of families having fun in the sun.

Reach this section of the beach through any of several public beach access points. Use the Central Dunes Picnic Area, or the Jekyll Island Club Hotel Beach Pavilion access (where you can treat your kids – and yourself - to a delicious frozen yogurt to cool your taste buds).

Jekyll’s northern beaches are narrower than the southern ones, and some areas are inaccessible at high tide. These areas are protected by granite rock breakwaters which are inundated by the sea when the tide reaches its zenith. At low tide, the beaches are perfect places for sunbathing and play. Want to know why the beaches at the north end are different than their southern cousins? Check out this page on the formation of barrier islands.

One must-see beach is Driftwood Beach, at Jekyll Island’s extreme northern end. It’s the perfect place for a romantic rendezvous among the wind and water scoured up-rooted trees that give Driftwood Beach its name. Bring your camera - sunrises here are spectacular!

Jekyll Island SunriseGorgeous Sunrise at Jekyll Island (courtesy willyk) - Flickr

And don’t forget to delve into the mystery of Shark’s Tooth Beach. It's not typical of Georgia beaches, and it’s not easy to get to, but could be well worth your while to investigate.

Playing in the sun and sand all day can be fun, but a little knowledge beforehand can help you prepare, and make your beach stay truly memorable. These beach safety tips will help ensure your beach vacation is a happy one.

It's a good idea to check Jekyll Island's ocean tides before kicking off those outdoor activities, especially those taking place on the beaches or the water.

Want to take your kids to see nesting sea turtles or hatchlings? You can, but on Georgia beaches you'll need to have turtle safe lighting to participate in the adventure, available through the Georgia Sea Turtle Center.

This summer, take the time to explore all the wonderful Georgia beaches, especially Jekyll Island’s 10 miles of "Beach Magic". Each area has its distinct personality, one constantly adjusting to the maritime environment.

So come to Jekyll Island - and join in the ever-changing dance of wind and tide and sand.

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