Want Great Georgia Fishing? Enjoy Inshore Fishing in Jekyll Island's Rivers, Estuaries, and Surf

Great Georgia Fishing Opportunities Include Jekyll Island Inshore Fishing Adventures -

If fishing on your Jekyll Island family adventure appeals to you, but thoughts of heading offshore for a day to plumb the briny deep leaves your stomach queasy, then think again.

Think inshore fishing.

The fish are out there, in the rivers and estuaries of the island's bay side, or in the boiling Atlantic surf. You just have to find them. And catch them. And clean them (or leave that up to your spouse - or a good guide).

Georgia Fishing at its Best -

In the Jekyll River and the creeks running from the saltwater marsh fishermen can have a close encounter with redfish, bulls, trout, flounder, whiting, sheepshead, and even sharks. You can also hook into tarpon and triple tail.

Fishing enthusiasts will find these fish feeding on oyster beds and at the mouths of creeks, especially during ebbing tides, when the waters are filled with fishy-type food flushing from the marshes.

It pays to know the legal lengths of the fish you'll be catching. Anglers can become familiar with minimum lengths and other regulations at Georgia Fishing Regulations.

Inshore Georgia Fishing on Jekyll IslandInshore Georgia Fishing on Jekyll Island

Best Method for Inshore Georgia Fishing -

Depending on whether you want to fish the rivers, creeks or the surf, there are several methods to get the best from your fishing time.

  • Bank Fishing. A few good areas to fish the bay and river from the banks are St. Andrews Point, where the beach extends out into the bay; Clam Creek Picnic area, at the mouth of Clam Creek; the public Fishing Pier at Clam Creek; Sharks Tooth Beach (but it's a long walk to get there); and the public area behind Rixen Pond, where the boat ramp is.
  • Private Boats. You can put your own boat in at the aforementioned boat ramp, or rent one from Jekyll Harbor Marina.
  • Fishing Kayaks. This is the method I like. If you've never fished from a fishing kayak, you've never lived. Fishing kayaks are similar to regular kayaks, but aren't enclosed. Anglers sit "on top", and these fishing platforms are outfitted expressly for fishing, with rod holders, fish holding wells, outboard brackets to hold a kayak paddle, seats, and footrests. Some, like the Hobie, even come with foot-operated paddles for hands-free fishing (though I'd also recommend taking along a conventional paddle). Fishing kayaks are perfect for sliding silently into a tight, shallow creek (the better to sneak up on that elusive trophy). You'll also see a lot more wildlife from a quiet fishing kayak.
  • Fishing Guides. Fishing opportunities may best be accessed through one of the experienced fishing guides plying the waters off Jekyll Island, St. Simons Island, and Cumberland Island. These guys know their stuff - they've lived and worked in the area most of their lives. Capt. Vernon Reynolds is an experienced Georgia fishing guide who'll be happy to put you on a school of redfish or sea trout, or other saltwater game fish. You'll find him at (912) 265-0392. Capt. Larry Crews can take you and your family inshore fishing or offshore in one of his 4 boats. Contact him at (912)-265-7529. Capt. Crews also owns the Jekyll Island Fishing Store, located at Clam Creek Picnic area, where you can gear up with rods, tackle and bait.
  • Surf Fishing. This takes heavy tackle and fortitude. A good pair of waders wouldn't be a bad idea, either, especially in colder months. The typical surf road is 12' to 14' long, and surf casters will throw their lines out over the incoming breakers. Redfish seems to be the fish of choice, though you can catch whiting with a smaller rod as they hang out closer to shore. Rent your rig from Larry Crew's Jekyll Island Fishing Store or Maxwell's Hardware at the Village Shopping Center.

Whether you choose to lay back in a comfy beach chair and fish from the bank, head out in a boat with or without a guide, or cast heavy tackle in the foamy surf, inshore fishing is one of the best Georgia fishing adventures you can have, alone or with a kid. Give it a try on your next Jekyll Island Family Adventure.

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