The Search for Replica Glass Fishing Floats is ON During Jekyll Island's Island Treasure Annual Event

Glass Fishing Floats are the Perfect Island Treasure! -

Riddle Me This: What is rare, old and round but still vibrantly beautiful to behold?

Answer: Why, an antique glass fishing float, of course!

Original European or Japanese fishing floats are increasingly rare discoveries, collector's items that become more valuable with the passing of time.

Many people dream of finding one of these rare fishing floats while treasure hunting along the beaches of Georgia. The floats were used in the early 1900s by fishermen from Asia and Europe to float their nets.

Sometimes, the fishing floats would work their way loose from the nets and drift away, only to wash up years later, antique treasure on some far-flung beach, waiting for beachcombers to find them.

Island Treasures Glass Fishing Float

Glass Fishing Float, courtesy GollyGforce

Not as exciting as pirate treasure, no. But beautiful fishing floats were a joy and a blessing to find.

And they still are. Now, Jekyll Island lets visitors experience the thrill of hunting for and finding their own "island treasures".

Jekyll Island's Island Treasures promotion runs from January 1st to February 28. Starting in 2018, visitors will not hunt for the glass fishing floats themselves, but for plastic globes that stand in as surrogates. Each globe represents a beautifully crafted fishing float created by area artists. You can find the plastic globes in public places around Jekyll Island, like the Beach Village, Great Dunes Park, the Historic District, and other places where folks congregate. There won't be any in the dunes, on the golf courses, the marsh, or in residential areas, though, so don't waste your time hunting there.

Several plastic globes are "hidden" (pretty much in plain sight) every day by specially designated Beach Buddies, and each one holds a secret message - a tag designating which REAL glass fishing float you've won!. If you find a globe, take it to the Jekyll Island Visitor's Center, and exchange it for a one-of-a-kind, artfully crafted, glass fishing float.

So while you and the family are out enjoying the island, poke around hidden alcoves within the Historic District. Or, while enjoying a shopping excursion at the Beach Village, keep a weather eye out for the gleam of a plastic globe. Jekyll Island's staff have hidden treasures all over the island. All you have to do is find them.

When you claim your treasure at the Jekyll Island Visitors Center, you'll receive a certificate of authenticity and a copy of the biography of the artist that made it. They'll also take your picture with your treasure, and post it on their Facebook page.

Seems to me this is a perfect excuse to get back to Jekyll (as if we need an excuse!) and walk those wonderful beaches. And who knows, maybe uncover an Island Treasure to call our own.

For more info, call 912-635-3636.

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