Use the Jekyll Island Boat Ramp for Launching Your Jekyll Island Boating Adventures

Jekyll Island Boat Ramp - "Ramp Up" the Fun!

If you brought your boat with you to Jekyll Island, you're in luck. One, because you can afford a boat to bring along to enhance your Jekyll Island Family Adventures. And two, you have access to a quality boat ramp perfect for your boat launching pleasure.

The Jekyll Island Boat Ramp sits off Riverview Road, behind Tidelands Nature Center and Rixen Pond. Turn in to Tidelands. Go right and head down the crushed limestone road. You'll circle Rixen Pond (look for osprey nests in the trees beside the pond) before arriving at site.

The boat ramp is fairly new. It was renovated back in 2008, when the existing ramp was extended 130' into the Jekyll River, and widened 50' to 3 lanes (enough for 3 boats to be launched or retrieved at once). The 200' perimeter staging area and the 2 acres of parking were also added at the time, thanks to a $400,000 grant from the Dept.of Natural Resources.

Why 2 acres of parking and such a wide ramp? For hosting fishing tournaments, of course. There's also a new restroom facility located in the parking area, as well as two fishing piers extending into the adjacent Rixen Pond.

Next to the ramp is a courtesy dock, the better to facilitate boarding and off-loading passengers and gear.

One of the best features of the boat ramp is the aforementioned 130' length. This length allows boaters to launch their craft even at low tides.

About those tides - they can run 6' to 9' or more. The bottom here is made of mud and sand. Tidal and current action - accompanied by boaters using their engines to push their crafts onto their trailers - has been known to undermine and erode the bottom at the boat ramp's end, creating potentially dangerous drop offs, so boaters should be aware of what's under their wheels when backing onto the ramp.

If you're arriving by water, the ramp is at N31degrees, 02.521' and W081degrees, 25.343'.

Food for Thought

All this boat launching making you hungry? The Jekyll Harbor Marina is just north of the boat ramp, where you can get snacks and gas and relax around their swimming pool.

The Jekyll Island Boat Ramp is the perfect access point to the Jekyll River, and from their, the Atlantic Ocean and adventure on the water. Cast off, mates!

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