At the Jekyll Island Fishing Center, It's Always Time to Fish

Your first sight of the Jekyll Island Fishing Center might remind you of the prow of a ship. It sits at the end of the parking lot at the Clam Creek Picnic Area , a quaint little building, next to the pier. It faces the bay, and with a little imagination you might think it was about to rev up hidden engines and head out to sea.

For a little fishing.

Visitors are greeted by the Center's unique sign - a great white shark, rendered in 3-dimensions, bursting up through a dock, with a piece of wood in its mouth.

When he's not out on one of his four charter fishing boats, the Center is Capt. Larry Crew's home base. He used to have a shop in the old Beachview Shopping Center, but the recent demolition and construction of the Jekyll Village Shops forced him to pack up his shark sign and move to the Clam Creek site - a venue perfectly suited to the sport of Georgia saltwater fishing.

Capt. Crews is all about pleasing his customers and giving Jekyll Island visitors the best vacation adventures possible. Ask him about his newest expedition offering - fan boat tours!

Jekyll Island Fishing CenterJekyll Island Fishing Center

Stock Up for Your Jekyll Island Fishing Adventures -

Looking to charter a fishing trip? The staff at the Center can set you up for a deep sea fishing or inshore fishing adventure. They also offer dolphin excursions and party boat trips

No matter what type Georgia saltwater fishing you do, or what species you're going after, the Center can outfit you for a perfect trip with baits, supplies and equipment just right for the job.

Baits include

  • shrimp
  • squid
  • chicken necks
  • Bonita
  • finger mullet
  • pogies
  • sand fleas
  • clams

If you like, Capt. Crew's loyal staff may even be able to dig you up a few worms.

Gear Up -

At the Center, you can get all the fishing gear you want: rods, reels, tackle, and supporting equipment. I like to check out exotic lures, even if I don't know what to do with them. The Jekyll Island Fishing Center staff is happy to explain how to fish with the strange lures and equipment that might be unfamiliar to fresh water trout fishermen like me.

While you're there, stock up on ice, drinks, snacks, and sun block for a day on the water.

Gifts -

Capt. Crews is not only an accomplished fishing guide with 45 years experience. He's also an artist, creating wooden fish sculptures and framed nature paintings that he sells out of the Center. You can buy his art, or one of his t-shirts. He also offers the art of area artist Tyler Dominey, who works in metal sculptures.

Next time you're raring to fish, stop by the Jekyll Island Fishing Center. Outfit for your trip in a store that provides everything you need for a memorable adventure. Swap a few fish stories with Capt. Larry and his "crew".

And keep a wary eye on that great white shark - he looks kind of hungry...

You can contact the Center at (912)635-3556.

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