Road Trip! These Routes Get You to Jekyll Island Georgia Fast

It's easy to get to Jekyll Island Georgia by Interstate Highway or secondary roads from any major city.

Head out on I-75 South. Stay on I-75 till you get to Macon, then get on I-16. You'll keep to I-16 till you get to Dublin, then turn right on U.S. 441 South at exit 51. Keep heading south on 441. After about 34 miles you'll see Little Ocmulgee State Park on your right (a good place to stop for a break).

Just south of Little Ocmulgee is the town of McRae, Georgia. You'll leave U.S. 441 here and get on U.S. 341. Follow 341 to Jesup and on to Brunswick. U.S. 341 through Brunswick takes a few jogs, so keep alert. It will end on U.S. 17 (Glynn Ave.), where you'll take a right.

Stay on U.S. 17. You'll cross the Sidney Lanier Bridge spanning the East Brunswick River. Just past the bridge you'll turn left on GA. 520 (Downing-Musgrove Causeway). This road takes you straight to Jekyll Island.

Cross the Jekyll River on the M.E. Thompson Bridge and slow for the entrance pavilion. You can get a map of the island here, as well as information on activities on the island during the time you'll be there.

Drive careful and have fun! This is the route we usually take to Jekyll Island Georgia (except we come from Gainesville and bypass Atlanta).

From Savannah, Georgia:

Leave Savannah on I-16 West. When you hit I-95 South, exit 157B, turn left on I-95 South. Stay on I-95 till you reach exit 29, then get off the interstate.

Turn left on U.S. 17, Jekyll Island Road (Ocean Highway). When you see the GA. 520 (Downing-Musgrove Causeway) intersection, turn right.

Stay on GA. 520 until you cross the Marshes of Glenn and the M.E. Thompson Bridge across the Jekyll River. You'll see the entrance pavilion straight ahead. You'll need to stop here and pay the $5.00 parking fee to access the island.

Drive with care and enjoy the trip!

From Jacksonville, Florida:

Access to Jekyll Island Georgia is easy from this east coast Florida town. Head up I-95 North past St. Marys.

Turn right on U.S. 17 (Jekyll Island Highway) at exit 29. Keep going on U.S. 17 til you reach GA. 520, the Downing-Musgrove Causeway.

Turn right here at the Jekyll Island entrance. Travel along GA. 520, cross the M.E. Thompson Bridge, and stop at the gate pavilion to pick up a map of the island and pay your parking fee (currently $5.00).

If coming from Orlando, FL, come up I-75 North to exit 135 just past Lake City, then hang a right on I-10 East to Jacksonville. Follow the above directions from there.

Tell the kids you're almost there!

A Friendly Warning

Getting to Jekyll Island Georgia from your home is comfortable and easy by automobile. Not so much by bus. Before we were married, my wife Martha made the mistake of traveling by bus from Gainesville to Jekyll Island with a group of friends. It took them 15 hours (by car, it's 6 or 7 hours, depending on bathroom and restaurant stops). IT WAS THE TRIP FROM HELL!!!

The bus was hot, it stank, and folks were shoe-horned in shoulder to shoulder, like cows in a cattle car. With all the side trips and stops, the journey was agonizingly slow (especially for a group of teens). Coming home was worse - sun burned teenagers are not fun to be around.

Just take a moment to imagine what 15 hours on a bus would be like with 3 little kids. If you shiver in fear, your mind shuts down, and you make the sign of the cross to ward off evil, you probably have the right mind set.

This is written somewhat tongue-in-cheek, of course. Things have most likely changed since the early 70's. Buses have improved, I'm told. So if you really - REALLY - have no other travel choice, like a car or van, or a rickshaw or even foot-power, you COULD consider a family bus trip to Jekyll Island Georgia (with KIDS, remember, with KIDS!!!). Who knows? It might turn out to be a memorable adventure.

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