Jekyll Island Lodging - Your "Family Friendly" Base of Operations

Choices, choices. What's a body to do? Explore your Jekyll Island lodging options, for starters.

You can stay at one of Jekyll's fine hotels - most overlook the sun-soaked Atlantic Ocean. Or set up your RV under the spreading branches of ancient live oaks in Jekyll's campground. If you've come by boat, lease a slip at the Jekyll Harbor Marina.

Jekyll Island Family Adventures wants your Jekyll Island experience to be a memorable one. My family has stayed at several of the places listed (though we no longer stay at the hotels. Now we stay at Jekyll Island Georgia rentals), and learned a good bit about others from our explorations.

We'll share our thoughts on the good, the bad - and the ugly - lodging options on Jekyll Island throughout these pages.

Jekyll Island lodging Crane CottageCrane Cottage, Jekyll Island Club Hotel

Budget Friendly Jekyll Island Lodging

Looking for a place to stay that won't deflate your wallet? Jekyll's hotels are peachy deals. Most are easy on the pocket book and family-friendly, and offer excellent service. Many include on-site restaurants, and all have swimming pools.

Want ocean views and sea breezes? The Beachview Club Hotel,  Villas by the Sea, and Day's Inn and Suites are all on the ocean side of Beachview Drive.

Quality Inn and Suites sits just off Beachview Drive, inland from the ocean, but beach access is only a short walk away (just across the road, in fact).

The Jekyll Island Club Hotel is in the Historic District and snuggles close against the Intracoastal Waterway. Find out more about the Jekyll Island Club Hotel here.

Looking for new experiences? Check out the Hampton Inn and Suites Jekyll Island, the one of the newest hotels in Jekyll Island.

Another is the Holiday Inn Resort, with a quarter mile of beach to play on.

And for next-door access to the Jekyll Island Beach Village and the Conference Center, why not give the Westin Jekyll Island a try?

If you're touring Jekyll Island in your RV, the 18 acre Jekyll Island Campground is a good bet for "roughing it".

The Jekyll Harbor Marina is a great place to park your boat while visiting the island. Use if as your jumping off place while exploring the island (just don't jump into the water!)

Looking for a special deal? You can find our list of current Jekyll Island hotel package deals here. We'll keep the list updated for your convenience.

Traveling with fur-faced friends? Check out these pet friendly hotels on Jekyll Island.

Jekyll Island lodging opportunities include more than just hotels. Our favorite places to stay these days are the rental homes on the island.

Share YOUR Pick for Favorite Jekyll Island Hotel!

Do you have a favorite Jekyll Island hotel? We'd like to hear about it. What makes your hotel choice special? Do you have glowing memories of your honeymoon at a Jekyll Island Hotel? Was the service special? Did you see a ghost?

Share your choice of "My Favorite Jekyll Island Hotel".

What Other Folks Have Said About Jekyll Island Hotels

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Villas by the Sea Not rated yet
Was not sure where to stay and decided on this great place. Very nice, beach hotel w/ helpful staff; will return. Ann B. NYC 5/2011

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About Bugs -

This is for all those folks who just can't get along with their 6-legged neighbors.

My family has made Jekyll our second home. We make it "down to the island" at least twice a year - sometimes more. And we'll keep on visiting "our" island, staying at our favorite Jekyll Island lodging spots. But here's a truism about island paradises.

At every hotel and house on Jekyll Island, (as well as anywhere in the sub-tropical and tropical South), you'll eventually run across - dare I say it - a bug.

Could be a spider. Or something that looks like a roach. Don't be put off by them - they're standard features in the humid sub-tropical environs.

The roach thingys are called "Palmetto Bugs" by those snotty, in-the-know bug experts (or those of us pretending to be). I guess it's because they like to live in the palmettos and Spanish moss. While they can be disconcerting (especially when your 6 year old spies one in the bath tub and starts screaming), they won't hurt you.

It's tempting to keep your patio doors or windows open, the better to take in that great ocean view, or to get that tuft of sea breeze, and lots of folks do.

So that's how the bugs get in! ("Well, the door was open, we guess you're inviting us in - and we like Jekyll Island lodging as much as you do!")


In the South, even the most delicate Southern belle with the most refined sensibilities wouldn't be bothered by one (well, maybe a little). But if you're bug-squeemish, just call the front desk of your hotel, or the realtor who rented you the house. They'll send someone down to dispose of it promptly.

If for some reason they don't...I've heard Palmetto Bugs are pretty good, stir fried with shrimp...

(Just kidding)

Of course, if they really bother you - a lot - well, you've got a choice. Leave the bugs (and the beach; ocean views; relaxing, laid back, tropical ambiance; margaritas; sea shells; dolphins; sunsets; sunrises; sailing; fishing; et al), behind, and head for a vacation spot where there aren't any. Like Antarctica.

But if you decide to tough it out, and live-and-let-live with the creepy-crawlies, just remember - you came to Jekyll Island for Adventure!

And if that doesn't work, keep repeating this mantra - "The spiders eat the Palmetto Bugs, the spiders eat the Palmetto Bugs..."

And the snakes eat the spiders.

'Nough said.

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