Your Jekyll Island Rental in the Island Interior: Single Family, Du-plex or Apartment Homes Offer Solutions to Strained Budgets

If you're looking for something less expensive in a Jekyll Island rental, make reservations to stay in one of the many homes available for lease in the island's interior.

Compared to some vacation destinations, a stay at a beach home on Jekyll Island may not be prohibitively expensive. But if the cost of a beach home would be a budget buster and would threaten your ability to take the family on vacation, why not look at an island interior home?

First, assess your family's needs. Do they all really want to stay on the beach?

If you love lying on the sand, making sand castles, spending long hours playing in the surf or walking on the beach, maybe a beach home is best for you.

Deer Family Visiting RentalDeer Family Drops by for a Visit

But if the beach experience will be just one part of a total Jekyll Island Family Adventure, a place away from the water might be your best bet for a home-away-from-home base-of-operations.

Most interior homes lie within relatively quiet neighborhoods just a short walk or bike ride from the beach (in fact, on Jekyll Island, you can get pretty much anywhere quickly on a bike).

You can reserve a home just across Beachview from Jekyll Island's beaches, or one closer to the center of the island (a centralized home base!). Or choose a home just a few steps from the Historic District and the Intra-coastal waterway. The choice is yours.

Your special Jekyll Island rental within the island interior can be a single family home, a du-plex, or an apartment. Parker-Kaufman Realtors or Jekyll Island Realty are your best bets for finding that perfect Jekyll Island rental. We've always used Parker-Kaufman and can vouch for their professionalism. Call Regina Fye toll-free at 1-888-453-5955, or at 1-912-635-2512.

C.J. and Meagan Jefferies are the owners of Jekyll Island Realty. Contact them at (912) 635-3301, or toll free at 888-333-5055.

We like to stay in the interior homes, not only because it costs less, but because we like being in a central location, with easy access to all of Jekyll Island's many amenities. A few of these homes have become some of our favorite places to stay.

Parker-Kaufman and Jekyll Island Realty have been around for a long time. They know the island intimately, and will be more than happy to advise you on how to have a fantastic Jekyll Island vacation.

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