Stop at the Jekyll Island Welcome Center for a Map of Jekyll Island Georgia and a Hearty Southern Welcome

Jekyll Island Welcome Center Welcomes YOU! -

Once you hit the Jekyll Island Causeway, the anticipation starts to build. The kids cease their bickering and lean forward in their seats, each vying to be the first to get a glimpse of their destination. Who will be the first to spot a wood stork, a blue heron or a marsh rabbit?

You're all eager to start your Jekyll Island Family Adventures, but with all there is to do on the island, you're not sure where to begin.

Then you spy a welcome sight - the Jekyll Island Welcome Center.

The Welcome Center is on the left, just before you reach the bridge across the Jekyll River. You gun the gas, and with a screech of tires you enter the parking lot in a controlled slide...

No, you don't. This isn't "The Fast and the Furious". There's a Georgia State Patrol Office located at the Welcome Center, too.

Okay. So you drive sedately into the parking lot, careful to obey all traffic laws. You park, and all four doors spring open simultaneously as your crew piles out, grateful for a chance to stretch their legs and do a little preliminary exploring at the Jekyll Island Welcome Center.

woodstorksjekyllislandWho Will Be the First to Spot the Wood Storks?

Get a Map of Jekyll Island - and More!

Inside the cool air-conditioned oasis of the Welcome Center, you will discover a wealth of possibilities. Looking for something for a friend or family member back at home? Maybe a book, or a Jekyll Island guide? Check out the Gift Shop. Need a map for navigation? The Welcome Center has them, as well as bike trail maps.

Their friendly staff will be glad to tell you just about anything you want to know about the island. Like

  • What special events are going on while you're visiting
  • the best places to stay
  • beach regulations
  • island history
  • tide and weather conditions

It's all at the tip of their tongues, and they're happy to share.

You can also buy tickets to events like the Shrimp and Grits Festival, and more.

Georgia Bird Watching -

While at the Center, stroll around back, where the Jekyll Island Authority has erected a Wild Bird Viewing Station overlooking virgin marsh. Climb to the top with your binoculars and get your first glimpse of Jekyll Island wildlife.

Then, booty and plunder in hand, hop back in the car, cross the bridge, and head out onto the island proper. Because the best is yet to come!

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