Not Just Tennis - the JP Morgan Tennis Court Welcomes Visitors for Conventions & Meetings

The JP Morgan Tennis Court Revitalization -

J.P. Morgan - financier, money mogul, multi-millionaire - liked tennis. In 1929, he built the J.P. Morgan Tennis Court, an indoor facility on Jekyll Island, in what is now the Historic District.

There, members of the elite Jekyll Island Club could dress in their whites and play tennis, sheltered from summer cloudbursts and the fickle coastal winter weather.

Once the millionaires jumped ship, the Jekyll Island Club (along with the facilities that supported it, including the JP Morgan Tennis Court) was abandoned, left to deteriorate.

In the mid-1980's, the island was bought by the state of Georgia and the historic buildings refurbished for the public. The Jekyll Island Club clubhouse became the famous Jekyll Island Club Hotel. And the J.P. Morgan Tennis Court became part of the hotel complex.

Book the Historic Morgan Center for all your meetingsBook the Historic Morgan Center for all your meetings

We used to play there on our Jekyll Island Family Adventures. It was one of our favorite activities. But over the years, the indoor court deteriorated to the point where playing tennis there was impossible.

Though we longed for the days when we played there as a family, it looked as if one of our favorite venues on the island was destined for demolition.

But then, a miracle of sorts. The Jekyll Island Authority selected the J.P. Morgan Tennis Court as part of their planned Convention Center Campus, an adaptive reuse that acted as the temporary facilities for meetings, weddings, events and catered dinners until the new Convention Center was completed (the new Convention Center on historic Jekyll Island is now a premier Georgia convention center and business meeting destination).

Now, the Morgan Center serves as a permanent meeting facility for the Jekyll Island Club Hotel.

The facility amenities include -

  • Both exterior and interior refurbishing
  • 6800 s.f. of space for events and meetings (4900 s.f. on the ground floor, 900 s.f. on an upper mezzanine level
  • A new, 45-foot ceiling, complete with sky lights
  • New state-of-the-art food service and kitchen facilities
  • a picturesque event balcony
  • the original clerestory windows and skylights were kept
  • an exterior terrace for outdoor get-togethers

The Morgan Center can handle convention type groups of from 150 to 250 people, or 350 for weddings, banquets, and receptions, a great compliment to the Jekyll Island Club Hotel's existing meeting facilities.

We may not be able to play tennis there anymore, but the legacy of the JP Morgan Tennis Court has been preserved, for the delight of generations to come. And for that, we're thankful.

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