Board the The Lady Jane Shrimp Boat for the Best Boiled Shrimp Ever!

The Lady Jane Shrimping Excursion -

Jekyll Island is famed for it's Shrimp and Grits Festival, held around mid-September, where visitors can pig out on Wild Georgia Shrimp at its freshest. it really as fresh as can be? There is a way to eat your fill of even fresher shrimp. Shrimp directly from the sea to your plate.

Book a Shrimping Cruise on your own shrimp boat!

The ship is the Lady Jane, owned by Credle's Adventures LLC, and berthed out of Brunswick. She's a United States Coast Guard certified vessel, a refurbished, steel shrimp boat equipped to handle up to 49 passengers. It's the only shrimp boat on the Atlantic coast certified to take 49 passengers 20 nautical miles offshore.

And it's the perfect place to be if you want the freshest shrimp from the sea.

Shrimping is a Way of Life in the Golden Isles!Shrimp Boats Like the Lady Jane are Working Boats

Fresh Boiled Shrimp Feast Ahead! -

The Lady Jane is berthed at the Credl'es Adventures landing, next door to Spanky's Marshside Restaurant in Brunswick. You can't miss it. It's the shrimp boat with the blue hull and "Let's Go Shrimping!" painted on the side.

You'll step aboard what used to be (and still is) a working shrimp boat - modified for tours. Its cabin is air conditioned, and it comes with a restroom. The boat's decks are spacious, with plenty of room to roam and take in the sights.

And sights are what you'll see as Capt. Larry Credle heads the boat out to sea. You'll glide along the Jekyll River, and on into the Atlantic, where the boat's crew will lower the shrimp nets to catch your supper.

While waiting for the nets to fill, enjoy the ride and the views of the Jekyll Island beaches off to the side. Keep an eye out for dolphins frolicking in the water next to the boat , and laugh at the antics of seagulls chasing the Lady Jane, taking advantage of the shrimp boat's passage to steal some dinner.

Meet the Crew of the Lady Jane-

A well-run boat needs a crew. You'll meet the crew: Cameron Ako, and Jeffery Benson, who sort the netted shrimp from the other fish brought up (called the by-catch). These knowledgeable men will entertain you while teaching you about the shrimp, shrimp habitat, and the by-catch species, at any one time which might consist of Bonnethead, Blacktip, Sand Shark, Puffer Fish, Amberjack, Crocker, Spot, Whiting, or Skate. Maybe even Horseshoe and Blue crabs. All by-catch species are released unharmed.

You'll really want to meet First Mate John Tyre, 'cause he's the one that prepares shrimp. John cuts off the shrimp's heads (ecch!), then the tasty critters are tossed in a pot, where they're boiled to perfection and served up fresh and steaming on a plate with seafood sauce and bottled water. What a feast! And it's all you can eat!

While waiting for your seafood, enjoy the sights and sounds of a working shrimp boat. Listen to the winches (not the wenches, pirates!) as they haul in dripping nets bulging with sea creatures. Hear the gulls cry as they swoop and soar through the rigging, maneuvering for shrimp of their own. Try to identify the many species of by-catch flopping and wriggling on the deck until they're separated from the shrimp and tossed back into the embrace of the sea. Look for dolphins and pelicans cruising by. Hope you brought a camera!

Excursion Prices -

The Credles offer several type tours, the Open to the Public tour, and Custom Private Group Charters.

At the time of this writing, the Open to the Public Shrimp Excursion is $39.95 per passenger. Kids under six can come aboard for $35.00.

Custom Private Group Charters will take up to 49 folks for a two to three hour Shrimpin' Excursion, with or without food.

Your group can get either All You Can Eat Boiled Shrimp, or Low Country Boil with chips, dip, and fruit trays. Bottled water is provided, but you can bring your own beer, if so inclined.

Call Credle Adventures LLC at 912-265-5711 for reservations, and for the group price. They accept Visa, Master Card, Discover and cash.

Also, before heading back to land, don't forget to get your picture with the Captain, standing at the Lady Jane's helm. That would be Capt. Larry Credle, owner of Credle's Adventures LLC., or maybe his brother H.L. Credle.

You can get your tickets in advance if you want. Just send your self addressed stamped envelope and a check to Credle's Adventures, 1200-B Glynn Ave, Brunswick, GA 31520. Or you can book online.

If you're starving for the freshest of seafood, look no further than the Lady Jane. Take a Shrimping Excursion, and bring your appetite, 'cause it's all you can eat, and you never had shrimp this good!

Bon appetit!

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