Kids Rule, Parents Drool - Jekyll Island Mini Golf Games Offer Children a Chance to Beat Mom and Dad

Mini golf games have always been my Achilles Heel.

Some things have to be faced, however. The time comes to read the writing on the wall.

The ugly truth - I've never been much good at putt putt.

My wife can beat me down, and she does so on a regular basis (her mini golf games don't stop with prowess on the putt putt course - she uses psychological warfare, intensity, superior athletic ability, and her secret weapon - feminine wiles - to beat me at other stuff, too).

My kids have defeated me since they were young. And they still do now that they're adults - not only on the mini golf course, but on the "big people's courses" like Oleander, Pine Lakes, Indian Mounds and Great Dunes.

The carnage never ends...

Why do I keep subjecting myself to the humiliation?

Well, mini golf games are fantastic family-time opportunities. Kids can meet Dad on a (more or less) level playing field and, while having loads of fun, joking and laughing, and generally acting the fool, have a real chance of beating him.

Well, older kids, anyway. Even I could beat my kids when they were still in single digits. Or was that diapers?

And Martha feels really good when she grinds me into the dust. Should a wife feel that good when totally destroying her husband's self-esteem? In public? Has she no shame?

We've created some great memories at Jekyll Island Mini Golf. It's located next to the Great Dunes 9-hole golf course (you park in the same lot), at the intersection of Shell Road and Beachview Drive, right across from the beach.

From the parking lot, follow the paved path past 2 neat play structures (one for older kids, the other for smaller tykes), and you wind up at the mini golf kiosk.

As of this writing, games are only $6.50 per game per for those over 10, and $5.00 for 6 through 10. Under 10 gets in free (call for current and group rates). Sometimes they run specials. They have two courses, one easier than the other. Both are fun, however, and even little kids can have a great time knocking the ball around.

During the summer season, the courses can be packed with families having a great time, so be prepared for a slower game.

And most likely it'll be hot and humid. To cool off, you can buy water, soft drinks and ice cream at the kiosk. But they're pricey. Might be better to bring your own (not your own ice cream, though...)

Tip - If you play in the evenings, carry mosquito repellent. And at certain times biting gnats can be an irritant. If it's hot and sunny, wear a hat. There's not much shade on these courses.

Mosquitoes have never been much of a problem for us on Jekyll Island, but this is an island, where marsh and wetlands abound. Mosquitoes live here, so come prepared. If you or your kids are bothered by them, however, there are plenty of good repellents on the market.

Jekyll Island mini golf games are hard enough to be a challenge, but easy enough so that even small kids have a good chance of making a hole-in-one - every kid's (and Dad's) dream. Course 2 is the harder course, with several holes challenging enough to try a good putter's patience.

After the mini golf games are over, drop in at Redbug Motors Pizza and Pub - located on the deck overlooking the courses - and order a pie for the family. They serve a pretty good pizza at a very reasonable price.

Jekyll Island Ga. golf vacations aren't complete till you accept your kid's challenge (and your wife's), and take them on in a series of winner-takes-bragging-rights mini golf games.

So pick up that gauntlet, Dads. Take your kids and try out Jekyll Island Mini Golf - but only if you can stand a beat down. 'Cause for ever after you'll have to listen to your family's endless bragging about how they beat poor old Dad in golf.

How sad! (Or is it? I could have been sandbagging just a little...but I'll never tell!)

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