Croquet Rules! Have Fun Playing Croquet with the Family at the Jekyll Island Club Hotel

Playing Croquet Not for the Faint of Heart

Trivia Pop-Quiz Question:

In Stephen King's best-selling book The Shining, what instrument does psycho writer Jack Torrance use to dispatch hapless chef Dick Hallorann?

  • A) An axe
  • B) A croquet mallet
  • C) A Jekyll Island leaping mullet

*Answers below

Playing croquet is not just for millionaires. At the Jekyll Island Club, you can grab a mallet and hit the Greensward for a rousing round of croquet sets with family and friend. Just don't let competitive croquet playing turn you into a "croquet shark"!

For those who've never tried playing croquet, the Jekyll Island Club has a professional Greensward. Or croquet field, as we rednecks call it. Whether you come to play or to observe (the Jekyll Island Croquet Club plays every Tuesday, and the Greensward is their home turf), you'll enjoy this venerable old game, modernized for the 21st century.

Playing Croquet at the Jekyll Island Club HotelPlaying Croquet at the Jekyll Island Club Hotel

Club play starts at 1:00 pm in the autumn and winter and 8:00 am in the spring and summer months. Club members are friendly and outgoing and love to talk with guests about the game they play, the six-wicket American version of croquet.

The meticulously maintained Greensward doubles as the Jekyll Island Club's front yard. The venue overlooks the Jekyll River; you can chill playing croquet while watching the shrimp boats ply the waters of the Intra-coastal Waterway, framed by the beauty of the coastal marsh.

Want to try the game yourself? The Jekyll Island Club staff can supply you with equipment.

Looking for a challenge? Try matching wits with a Jekyll Island Croquet Club member. The hotel's concierge can most likely set up a match.

And after a hot, sweaty morning of playing against the best, what's better than a fantastic lunch in the Grand Dining Room of the Jekyll Island Club Hotel?

If you'd like more information on croquet competition and croquet rules of play, check out the website of the United States Croquet Association. Then hone your skills, develop that killer mallet technique, and get ready to take on the Jekyll Island Croquet Club champions.

But watch out - they play to win!

Okay, the moment you've been waiting for - the answer to our trivia quiz question!

Did Jack Torrance do in Dick Hallorann with

  • A) an axe?
  • B) a croquet mallet?
  • C) or a Jekyll Island leaping mullet?

If you said "A" (An Axe)'re WRONG! In the movie starring Jack Nicholson, old "Here's Johnny!" used an axe.

If you said "C" (a Jekyll Island leaping mullet)'re still WRONG, but closer - have you ever been hit in the face with a leaping mullet? It feels like being hit in the face with...

"B" - a Croquet Mallet!!! Jack Torrance's weapon of choice was a croquet mallet!!!

Don't worry, playing croquet at the Jekyll Island Club is safe. There are no psycho writers lurking about (don't look at me!). And it's doubtful anyone is going to attack you with a mallet.

But if you start seeing ghosts, or hearing voices (RED RUM! RED RUM!!!!!), all bets are off.

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