Spanish American War Historic Artifacts on Jekyll Island's Southern End

If you're into Spanish American War history, you'll love what's waiting for you on Jekyll Island's southern end.

You'll have to do some brush popping to find these babies, but, according to the CDGS (Coastal Artillery) forums, the trek is worth it. Because in the woods behind the dunes are a pair of iron gun carriages, dating back to the Spanish American War.

The guns were positioned facing west, covering St. Andrews Sound. Dunes and trees are down-range of the gun emplacements now, blocking the view of the sound, but when the guns were operational they would have been able to strike at boats up to 1/2 mile away.

As stated on the CDGS forum, the iron carriages would have held 10" Rodman guns (Barbette Carriage for 10-Inch Columbiad - Model 1861 Front Pintle), bored out and refitted with 8" rifled barrels.

Magazines for handling powder and shot would have been located nearby to service the guns (usually dug into the ground and reinforced with planking), but according to the ACRE Report (Annual Report of the Chief of Engineers) of 1899 the magazines were damaged in an 1898 storm.

If you have a GPS, the coordinates of the southern gun emplacement are 31.01711 n., 81.43269 w. Note: I'm not certain these gun emplacements are on public ground. They may be on private property. Make sure you're not trespassing if you decide to visit them.

It's said that there was also a northern gun emplacement on Jekyll Island, but its whereabouts are unknown. Maybe a Jekyll Island Family Adventure reader will find it. If so, let me know.

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