Ride a Cruiser, Tandem Bicycle or Surrey Along Jekyll Island's Beach Trail

Ride with your sweetheart on a tandem bicycle along glorious Atlantic beaches and taste the salt in the wind!

Start your bicycle quest on the beach side trail just off Beachview Drive, where you'll get great views of the open Atlantic and the beach as you coast along.

Be sure to take advantage of the sea breeze. Riding with the wind at your back, you'll feel as if you're floating in the wind like the seagulls hovering over the beach. That same breeze, however, can feel like a gale-force wind if you're peddling into it.

When Josh and Scott were small, they both had Big Wheels (remember Big Wheels, that low-slung plastic trike thingy?). They'd tear off after us down the Beach Trail, and have to fight that sea breeze all the way back.

They did pretty good. I guess being so close to the ground, they avoided the full force of the wind.

Carry plenty of water. You're in the sun for the most part, and you'll work up a thirst. A backpack bladder is a perfect hands-free solution. Also lather on the sunscreen. This is an approximately 2 mile ride, and the sun can be fierce on Jekyll Island, especially reflecting off the ocean and beach.

You'll ride by the new Jekyll Island Convention Center, a gorgeous new building, part of Jekyll Island's ongoing revitalization project, and the new Jekyll Village Center. Watch out for ongoing construction and trail re-routings.

Is nature calling? There are restrooms at the Great Dunes Park and Central Dunes Picnic Area.

When (not if) you get hot, hungry and thirsty, stop at the Jekyll Island Club Hotel Pavilion along the way for a cool frozen yogurt, a hot dog, and some sweat tea. Then prop the bikes against a tree and relax in the shade awhile.

Or make a pit stop at Tortuga Jacks. Lounge around on their deck overlooking the sea, and enjoy a Tex-Mex feast for lunch.

Personally, I'd rather ride my own cruiser than a tandem bicycle. My wife is a back-seat driver, and on a bicycle built for two I'd have to go where she wanted. Uh-oh, just remembered - I have to do that anyway!

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